Thursday, March 20, 2014

happy spring - 2014 vernal equinox has arrived :D

spring officially arrives here on the east coast at 12:57 pm!  given the brutal winter we've slogged through over the last few months, it may actually take the weather gods a bit longer to get the message.  but for the moment, the temperature should crawl into the 50s - and, hopefully, stay above freezing for the next few days or so :D

i'm going to celebrate the arrival of spring by running in shorts this afternoon.  i ran in shorts last saturday - a quick glimpse of spring - only to see it drop 20 degrees the next morning (just in time for the nyc half).  but a few days of warm weather - plus a little sunshine - and winter will start to seem like an unpleasant memory.  that said, weather forecasts say temps are headed back into the 30's on monday... so carpe diem!

get out there and enjoy some spring weather today :D

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