Monday, September 30, 2013

nyrr bronx 10 miler: race photos and results

for some very perplexing reason blogger doesn't want me to upload my race photos - now it's been almost 24 hours since the bronx 10 miler and I still haven't been able to upload more than these two photos from my computer.  i'll update this page w/more photos at some point - when blogger fixes whatever glitches are causing it to malfunction.
on to the good news - this race was my ninth nyrr race of 2013 and caps off my 9+1 requirement for the 2014 nyc marathon!  on another nyrr related note, it was my 4th grand prix race of 2013 - and with any luck, i'll run the staten island half next month to cap off all 5 of the borough races this year.  it'll be the first time i've managed to do that since 2006 (or was that 2005?)!  for someone that typically only gets in the manhattan and brooklyn half marathons, that's a big deal :D
as for the race itself, i was very happy to run a 1:15:27, 7:33 pace!  that was a solid 6+ minutes faster than last year's bronx 10 miler (albeit I wasn't in the best shape for that one).  better still it was a solid 3 minutes faster than the westport 10 miler I ran last month.  while I seriously doubt that i'll go under 1:10 this season, my speed is slowly coming back :D
i'll try to write up a short race report in the next day or so.
until i can post photos here, via blogger, the rest of my race photos are up on facebook.

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