Saturday, August 31, 2013

2013 westport summer series 10 miler: race photos & results

weather conditions for this edition of the westport summer series 10 miler were pretty tough - so humid it seemed like we were running under water during the first few miles of the race!  the only saving grace, despite the heat and humidity, the sky was overcast for most of the race.  even so, this 10 mile loop course is one of my favorite races - at any distance!

while i had hoped to run 7:30 miles and finish in 1:15 or so, i dialed back my expectations to 7:45 miles and a 1:17:30 finish in the face of the heat and humidity.  but, two especially tough miles along bayberry lane dashed any hopes of a sub 1:17:30 finish.  but i rallied back and managed a 1:18:20, 7:50 pace, for the distance.  not what i wanted... but good enough for the circumstances :D

i'll write up a short race report soon,

here are the race results from westport road runners.

the rest of my photos are up on facebook.

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