Saturday, August 24, 2013

grizzly peak brewing company, ann arbor :D

on my third trip to ann arbor, dinner at the grizzly peak brewing company was my forth visit to a brewpub in this fantastic town.  i had planned on lunch at grizzly peak during my june trip here - but it was closed for renovations at the time.  no problem, because the blue tractor bbq & brewery was, literally, just a few doors down the street.

but grizzly peak was definitely worth the wait - if only for the elk burger that i had to go along with my 9 beer sampler - the full flight, so to speak (samplers varied from 5 to 9 selections).  my selection included not only the ginger beer, but a gravity pulled ginger beer infused w/peppercorns (my favorite of the bunch).

here are the nine i sampled:

victor's gold
gizzly peak pale ale
steelhead red
bear paw porter
blah blah ginger beer
anniversary black ale
county cork's irish stout
hms sheerwater ipa
gravity pulled ginger beer w/peppercorns.

as mentioned, the ginger beer infused w/peppercorns was my favorite, followed by the regular blab blah ginger beer.  the novelty of ginger beer added to my interest - i had only tried this stuff once, years ago.  the rest of the selections were good - among them, the pale ale and ipa were excellent.

in addition to the beer selection - the food was great.  i couldn't pass up the elk burger - again mostly for the sheer novelty.  but that burger was fantastic!

don't pass up a visit here.

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