Monday, June 17, 2013

blue tractor bbq & brewery, ann arbor

i followed up yesterday's dinner at the jolly pumpkin café & brewery with lunch at the blue tractor bbq & brewery.  these two brewpubs are w/in a couple of blocks of each other - and blue tractor is on the same street as the ann arbor brewing company and the grizzly peak brewing company (which had been my initial lunch destination, but was closed today and tomorrow for renovations).

as it turned out, blue tractor was a great place for lunch (and beer).  i sampled 6 of their selections:

bearded pig pilsner
bumper crop ipa
smokehouse amber
simply the zest (belgian wheat)
demonic black ipa, and
the pitmaster porter.

the sixpack of 5 ounce samples was served up in cupcake pan - with a pint of water on the side ;O

i'm awed at the sheer number of brewpubs here - and conveniently concentrated in - downtown ann arbor.  i've already lined up a new pair to check out for parents weekend in october :D

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