Saturday, March 23, 2013

arbor brewing company, ann arbor michigan

our trip to ann arbor wouldn't have been complete without a visit to a local brew pub - the arbor brewing company.  as expected, it was packed when we got there around 7 on friday night.  while we waited to be seated i had a bottle of their "phat abbot" belgian tripel at the bar. 

had i realized the size of the sampler that awaited me when we finally were seated at a table, i certainly would have rethought my initial beer selection!  there were a total of 11 selections from the tap in 4 ounce tasting glasses (it set me back $17).  i worked my way around the tray from light to dark - but when i finally reached #11, the steamroller russian imperial stout, i had only enough room for a sip!

it was a great and exhausting selection!  as for food, i opted for a reuben and pat went for a burger.  and, despite all the beer, there was still some room left for a slice of cheesecake... which was an excellent finish up the tasting :D

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