Wednesday, March 20, 2013

spring equinox 2013

spring arrived just after 7 this morning - at least that's what the calendar tells us!  with snow on the ground (and the possibilities of flurries forecast for tomorrow) and a stretch of below normal days with the temperatures in the 30's (and wind chills in the 20'), it's hard to believe this is spring.  so much for the groundhog's early arrival forecast last month.

be that as it may, with a little push from setting the clocks ahead, the days are getting longer.  and we have had the occasional warm sunny day over the last few week.  now, as begrudgingly as it seems, we should be getting more of them over the coming weeks.  hurray!  spring has arrived :D

that said, hopefully my running mileage will pick up.  i'm looking forward to putting away the winter gear and running in shorts again!

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