Sunday, March 24, 2013

2013 mudders & grunters: race photos and results

even with snow on the ground, we had some great weather for the 2013 edition of the mudders & grunters 5 mile trail race at fdr park this morning.  the trail conditions were pretty tough - ankle deep mud and muck for most of the course.  but water crossings are a great way to clean off all the caked on mud :D

i had forgotten how hilly the course was - until i came up to the rope assisted climb in mile 4 - and that rope was definitely needed to crest the hill!  it took me just over 57 minutes to finish this year - almost 10 minutes slower than my 2011 finish.  i think the course was way muddier this time around - but that's just me.

afterwards, we had 2 kegs of captain Lawrence winter ale on tap for the 298 finishers :D

here are the race results from trrc

i posted many more photos on facebook.