Wednesday, June 5, 2013

national running day 2013: back to the track!

in a neat coincidence, national running day fell on my first day back at the track in over a year!  it wasn't planned that way.  i've spent the last two months working on rebuilding my base mileage, with a 133 miles for april and 220 miles for may.

with those two solid months behind me, it was time to revisit wednesday night intervals. i ran an easy 3 miles over to the track as a warm-up.  i thought about starting off w/400s (a set of 8x400) but decided to run 800's when i reached the track.  i did a set of 4x800 w/a 400 recovery jog between each 800 meters.  in the past, the pre-injury days, i typically ran 800' in 2:45 or faster.  this time around i ran all 4 at 3:25 - basically a 6:50 pace. that was followed up with a 1.5 mile cool down, for a total run of 7.5 miles.

i had no pain in my foot - that was the biggest positive.  as for getting back speed, that should come in the weeks ahead.  hopefully in a month or so i can get back to 3 minute 800s.  the key at this point really isn't the speed, per se.  it's more about getting back the mechanics - especially building back the strength in my right foot. stay tuned :D

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