Sunday, June 30, 2013

another 60 mile week/200 mile month!

june came to a close just as may did, with a 60 mile week that pushed my monthly mileage over 200 for the second straight month. i followed up may's 220 miles with 227 miles in june.  my base building and recovery has really come along over the last 3 months: 133, 220, and 227 miles.  my average weekly mileage has crept over 50 miles for the last 6 weeks - which include an unplanned "recovery" week of only 32 miles in mid-june).

but the highlight of june wasn't the mileage - it was a return to the track!  i had 4 weeks of interval workouts and a one mile race during june.  the 4x800, 4x100, 4x100, and 4x800 workouts over the last 4 weeks were a welcome return to the track.  if the 6:04 mile i ran in greenburgh is any indication, some of my speed is slowly coming back!

the july goal is pretty straightforward - keep logging the 50 mile training weeks, but increase the volume of speed work.  now that i've become reacquainted with intervals, need to build up the number of reps from 4 to 6 (and then, hopefully, 8).  i also want to add in some 1,200 meter repeats as well (on the road to mile repeats during august).  i'm glad to be back to track work!

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