Monday, July 1, 2013

july 2013 race schedule

july kicks off with the world lung foundation putnam county classic 8 miler on the fourth of july!  for the third consecutive year i won't be running the race because i'm serving as the co-race director. but i will run the course the day before (wed.) w/emmy, to mark the miles.  if you're anywhere near mahopac this thursday morning, come join us for the race!

if the race itself isn't enough for the 4th of july, that night is the van cortandt track club's summer series relay in van cortlant park.  the trrc is teaming up w/the vctc to single out runners who team up for both races!  while details haven't been finalized, runners who team up for both races (the 8 miler in the morning and relay in the evening) will participate in the "challenge."

the second relay of the month comes up the following week.  this one is in new canaan, part of the waveny xc summer series.  the two-person, 6 mile relay is one of my favorite events (and i've run it w/katie many times).  not sure if she'll be my partner this year, but i won't miss it.  that mid-week race (tuesday night) is followed up with the norwalk summer series 7 miler on saturday.

it's back to nyrr races on the 21st - with the queens 10k.  this is the third event of the 5 borough challenge.  while i'm still not used to the queens "10k" instead of half marathon (or Bronx "10 miler" instead of half marathon), hopefully i'll be able to run all 5 this year - something i haven't done since 2005!

on the last weekend of the month, the norwalk summer series 9 miler is the day before the escarpment trail run.  i'm not sure if i'll run the nine miler - or volunteer instead.  the escarpment trail run is tough enough without running a nine miler the day before (as i did one year)! 

here's how it looks so far:

7/4 - wlf putnam county classic
7/4 - vctc summer xc series relay
7/9 - waveny summer xc series relay
7/13 - norwalk summer series 7m
7/21 - queens 10k
7/27 - notwalk summer series 9m
7/28 - escarpment trail run 30k

as always, if you're at any of these events - say hello!

update:  somehow, i forgot to mention the 1.7 mile aquaphor underwear run in central park on friday night, july 12!


DawnB said...

I think you left that off because you didn't want anyone to know you will be running in your underware! have fun! you're way braver than I :)

rundangerously said...

that may be true :D