Thursday, July 18, 2013

"ted corbitt way" - east 228th street in the bronx renamed in ted's honor!

nyc has renamed east 228th street in the bronx, "ted corbitt way."  it's a well-deserved honor for the man who ushered in modern american running - from track to ultras!  ted corbitt was a running hero of mine - right alongside steve prefontaine.  i was honored to have met him a few times - most notably in 2007, at the 3-day broadway ultra society's pioneer memorial 100 mile trek

ted corbit was a giant in the running community.  he was the founding president of the new york road runners - and the december ted corbitt 15k is named in his honor.  he was an olympian and also went on to make his mark in the world of ultrarunning.  after ted passed away in december, 2007, the broadway ultra society staged a ted corbitt 24 hour run in his honor in 2008 (the race is once again being staged, on its 5 year anniversary, this october).

take this opportunity to remember ted corbitt :D

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WEST 228th, by Marble Hill