Saturday, July 13, 2013

2013 norwalk summer series 7 miler: race photos and results

it was one of those mornings, waking up to the sound of rain coming down outside, that the last thing i wanted to do was go outside and run.  but somehow i got myself out the door and drove over to norwalk for the summer series 7 miler.  despite the light drizzle, the conditions weren't that bad.  the most trying thing was the humidity - which even the rain couldn't seem to break.

i knew things would be tough when my glasses fogged up by the end of the first mile!  it seemed like i spent a lot of time wiping them over the next 6 miles.  my goal was to run a sub 7:30 pace for the race - but i couldn't keep it together for last two miles and finished in just over 53 minutes, a 7:35 pace.  it was a little disappointing, but given the humidity - i'll take it.

here are the race results from lightfoot runners.

the rest of my photos are posted on facebook.


DawnB said...

I wanted to leave my glasses in the car walked aroung for a bit then decided its better to run with them than without. I was wearing a hat so that may have help. Great run today Frank!

rundangerously said...

thanks dawn! i gotta go back to contacts for days like this :D