Monday, July 22, 2013

r.i.p. dennis farina :(

dennis farina died of a blog clot in his lung this morning - he was only 69 years old.  i've been a fan of his since the 1980's - when i first saw "crime story" where he played lt. mike torello.  that role wasn't too much of a stretch from his former career as a chicago cop.  he cross over to the crime side as mobster ray "bones" barboni in "get shorty" the 1990's classic crime comedy. then back to the cop side of the street when played detective joe fontana on "law and order" for two seasons, following the death of jerry orbach.

but he was much more than a typecast  cop or gangster.  one of my favorite films where had played a small role was "bottle shock" - as an American expat wine lover in paris!  and he played a lt. col. in "saving private ryan."  the was a good actor.

here's a link to the obituary published in the ny times.

here's a clip from his early days as lt. torello - on "crime story" - and glimpse of the acting career that would follow:

you will be missed.

rest in peace dennis farina.

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