Monday, May 27, 2013

60 miles for the week, 200 for the month!

normally, i don't write up weekly (or, monthly, for that matter) training mileage.  but i'm so pleased to have returned to a 60 mile week yesterday, and a 200 mile month with today's 10 miler at rockefeller state park, that i wanted to post it. this is my highest weekly and monthly mileage in almost a year since i was sidelined with chronic compartment syndrome!  where i typically ran 200+ miles a month, i suddenly found my mileage more than cut in half as i struggled with the recovery process.

the 200 miles for may (so far) was a 50+% increase from the 133 miles i logged in april - which was my first solid recovery month.  i had averaged just under a 100 miles a month for january, february and march.  that period also marked a recovery set-back, if you will.  i thought, with the start of the new year, that i was ready to start rebuilding my mileage base - only to see the increased mileage through february take it's toll.  so i had to dial back the mileage in march and start over again.

hopefully, if things go according to plan, i'll head back to the track in june for some speedwork.  the key is getting back to the point where i can consistently push off my right foot without the risk of  re-aggravating the original injury.  i've been pushing the pace in the latter part of recent races and it seems okay.  but the real test will be on the track running intervals.  stay tuned :D

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