Friday, May 31, 2013

"running goddess" 5k this weekend at lasdon park, katonah

this weekend, lasdon park and arboretum in katonah, will host the inaugural "running goddess" 5k race for women, girls and men (wearing purple).  to quote from the website:

"This inclusive event is a celebration of female camaraderie — all ages and most abilities are welcome. Some of us will run for the joy of competition. Some of us enjoy the fellowship of exercising together. Some of us will set a goal to run for charity or run our first race. Some of us are men who adore the gals in their life so much that they will wear purple to run with them."

this race reminds me of the days i participated in a similar event, the women's distance festival 5k, held at rockland lake in july.  when katie was much younger (8-9 years old), she ran this race a couple of times - and I paced her.  it was a unique experience to be the only guy running in a sea of women.  since I was pacing my daughter it didn't generate too much controversy.  interestingly, after only a couple of races, katie decided that running w/her dad wasn't cool under the circumstance and she insisted on running the 5k w/out me :D

while the event is all about women and girls, the vibe is definitely inclusive.  men wearing purple, to evidence support, are welcome.  the 5k runs across the varied terrain of lasdon park, giving it a trail run flavor.  the location is directly across from moscoot farms, where "run the farm" is held in the fall (a 5 mile trail run).  it's a great location to run!

the running goddess 5k raises money to bring "girls opportunities to excel in life through education and health."  it's a great cause - participate and contribute if you can!

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