Sunday, August 4, 2013

2013 sgt. keith ferguson memorial 5k: race photos and results

what a fantastic morning to run over the brooklyn bridge!  i ran the sgt. keith ferguson memorial 5k back in 2010 and have wanted to come back to run it since.  with my office right across the street from city hall park, and pace university right next to the bridge itself, it's hard to resist.
i didn't really have any time goal in mind, having done the nyrr club team championships 5 miler yesterday.  but i hoped to run it in under 22 minutes.  that target seemed out of reach during the very crowded first half mile. but when the pack finally thinned out, i managed to get into a groove.  on the downside, there were no mile markers!  still, i managed to finish in 21:33, a 6:57 pace - which really surprised me since my watch read 21:38 (a 6:58 pace).  regardless, both were faster than the 5k i ran 2 weeks ago at purchase college :D


the rest of my photos are posted on facebook.

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Run with Me said...

“Hoped to run it in under 22 minutes”. Is it possible? Apparently yes, as you wrote further in your post. Congratulations! I am relatively new to running. I was running toward Brooklyn, when runners like you were already running back to Manhattan. But like you, I loved the Sunday run. Will do it again next year. I posted the photos from the Sgt. Keith A. Ferguson 5K Run, too. They are here:
Interesting blog. Will visit often.