Saturday, August 10, 2013

2013 westport summer series 6.85 miler: race photos & results

it was back to compo beach for the westport summer series 6.85 miler.  i ran the 4.1 mile race there just 3 weeks ago.  it was another record turnout for a summer series race!

i had no real time goal in mind.  i ran the norwalk summer series 7 miler at a 7:35 pace last month - which was well off my target of a 7:30 pace.  i figured, given the better weather conditions for this race, i'd want to run a sub-7:30 pace - but push to finish in sub-50.  even walking up the hill just before mile 4 (my slowest mile in 7:50), i managed to squeeze in 50 minutes!  last year i ran this course in 53+ minutes - so my 49:48 finish was a pleasant surprise!

here are the race results from westport road runners.

here are the rest of my photos posted on facebook.

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DawnB said...

I why is it that I never remember those hills! I felt a lot slower this year but turned out I did the same last year.