Wednesday, September 18, 2013

taps beer bar, kuala lumpur

last night i had a chance to try a couple of beers at the taps beer bar.  tom and salil joined me after class and we walked over there together - with a side trip to the frog porridge stall (which, unfortunately, was closed).  tom and i both started off with "indian saison" from nogne o, an austrialian brewery.  salil opted for iced teas.

i followed up the saison with a "schiehallion" from harviestoun (scotland) and tom went with a "nipponia" from hitachino nest (japan).  the bar was relatively empty given that it was an early wednesday night.  taps had a large, if somewhat pricey, selection of world beer - including a dozen choices on tap.  given the typical high cost of beer in kuala lumpur (a large bottle of tiger can easily fetch $16 rm!), the premium for craft beer wasn't bad.

it's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for craft beer in kl!

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