Friday, September 20, 2013

frog porridge stall, kuala lumpur

frog, it's what's for dinner!  last night the frog porridge stall was open for business - and I pounced (maybe... hopped) at the chance to try their signature dishes. for some reason the stall was closed on wednesday night when we made the trip down jalan alor in search of it.

in addition to the namesake frog porridge, i also ordered the spicy frog (with various chili's in a brown sauce).  it took about 5-10 minutes for the dishes to be cooked.  we sat at the table directly in front of the stall and took in the bustling jalan alor street scene as we waited - which primarily consisted of dozens of hungry people eying the different stalls in search of dinner ideas.  apparently we - read i (since tom and salil weren't tempted to try the frog dishes) - were the only ones interested in frog!

the bowl of spicy frog arrived first - and it was spicy!  but the frog pieces were tender and tasted great.  i had thought of mixing the brown sauce into to porridge when it arrived, but the dish stood on its own merits.  its principle flavoring was ginger, and its frog was also tender and tasty. i didn't need the brown sauce, or anything else for that matter.  each dish was fantastic!

frog requires a certain leap of faith (couldn't resist the pun), but if you're game - this is the place to try it in kl :D

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