Thursday, September 19, 2013

brussels beer cafe, kuala lumpur

last night salil, tom and i checked out the brussels beer café (hap seng location) - which was just a 5-10 walk from the taps beer bar we the night before.  the selection was just as large as taps, with a decidedly belgian tilt in choices.  not to harp, but the only american beer on the list was budweiser (which i'll point out was 1 more than taps)!

i had one of my favorites (albeit) german beers, an erdinger wiessbier dunkel.  tom went the belgian route with a leffe brune on tap. salil opted for a virgin mojito.  the wait staff was knowledgeable and the beer was served in the appropriate glassware.  tom and i also split a franzikaner hefe-weissbier. the only negative was the shortage of some selections - a couple of our original choices were out of stock (grimbergen albree and pauwel kwak).

overall, a great place - and shouldn't be passed up if you're nearby. :D

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