Friday, September 6, 2013

packet pick-up for 2013 nyrr autism speaks 4 miler

yesterday i picked up my bib and tee shirt for the autism speaks 4 miler at the nyrr club.  the big surprise - in the confirmatory email - was the extra 15 minutes the men get on saturday morning!  instead of the 8 am start, the nyrr pushed back the start to 8:15 to accommodate a bike race in the park that morning.  the women's start is still 9 am.

the 4 miler will be my 8th nyrr race on the road to 9+1 for the 2014 nyc marathon.  i registered for it earlier this week, together with the bronx 10 miler at the end of the month (which will complete my 9+1 for 2014!).

along with the tee shirts, clear plastic bags were handed out for baggage check.  it seems that the days of bringing stuff in your own bag - any bag - have been replaced by this new baggage check system.  given that, make sure to pack light!

as always, if you're running this one - say hello :D


Sami Bookout said...

sounds fun and for a great cause!
We went to a Broncos game last week (preseason) and they were handing out the clear bags to all those that had too much stuff. Sad but true!
Thanks for a great post!

rundangerously said...

thanks sami. what's even more of a hassle is yet to come - the winter races. how is anyone going to stash away a coat, sweatpants and warm clothes in those bag?!

Wornout Soles said...

I haven't encountered any of the new baggage check policies at races yet, but it sounds like I need to plan ahead for my half at the end of the month. Thanks for the heads up.

Good luck this weekend!

Kristen @ Medium Roast said...

Good luck at the race!! I haven't had to use the new bag system yet, but at least they haven't banned bringing items in general. I guess this is sort of an unhappy compromise.

Chris Mavromatis said...

Good luck at your race! 4 Milers are a great distance.
So if you run 10 NYRR races in a year, then you get an automatic entry into the New York Marathon? I didn't know that and that is pretty cool.. of course doesn't do me a lot of good since I live in St. Louis :) Guess I will continue to have to try the lottery. I have a lot of friends that have run New York and say it is a marathon that I must do at some point.. just haven't been picked yet.
Best of luck at the race!
Found you on Friday Linkup and look forward to diving deeper into your site!
Love the photo of Prefontaine :)


rundangerously said...

chris, 9+1 gets guaranteed entry into the next year nyc marathon if you run 9 nyrr races and volunteer at one additional race. you need to be a nyrr for the full year of the 9+1 races. when you get in (via lottery or otherwise), you'll have a blast! good luck!
you can also follow me on twitter :D

Jen Mullins said...

I'm late hopping around from this past Friday. I hope your race was a blast! Sounds like you have been right on track with your 9+1 goal. Good job!!!

Jen @ Run Beside Me