Monday, September 2, 2013

2013 new haven road race 20k: photos & results

the new haven 20k was my third race in as many days.  it's been a while since I did three races back to back - and the weather conditions didn't make the trio any easier.  there was a light drizzle for most of the 20k this morning.  but the rain didn't do much to bring down the humidity - it still seemed like we were running underwater most of the time!

i didn't have any time goal in mind.  my initial plan to run 8 minute miles and shoot for a 1:40 finish fell apart in the first mile.  it was a struggle to run 8:30 miles -  have to constantly spend time wiping my foggy, wet glasses (with a soaked singlet) didn't help matters!  i finished in a disappointing 1:46:36, an 8:35 pace.

still, given the lousy weather - and the toll of the other two races - i was more than happy to cross the finish line and make a beeline for a cold glass of harpoon white to rehydrate with!  remarkably, my time was good enough for third lawyer/judge - and i won a tech shirt!  that was some kind of positive karma because they had run out of tech shirts when i picked up my bib at the start!

here are the 20k results from the new haven road race.

the rest of my photos are up on facebook.

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Amy @ Long Drive Journey said...

I wanted to run the 5K, but recently hurt my IT band so I wasn't able to. But now that you describe the humidity, I am much less disappointed! Good job with your 20K!