Sunday, September 1, 2013

2013 van cortlandt track club b'ramble 10k: race photos & results

the van cortlandt track club's bramble 10k started off in soupy, humid conditions.  it was a double loop course, with the added twist that the second loop included cemetery hill (the 5k course was the first loop).  about three quarters of the way through the first loop - i was less than a mile from the parade grounds - the rain arrived... and stuck around for the second loop!

it was wet!  i didn't mind the rain at all - but when the thunder arrived mid-way through the second loop i suddenly got the urge to run faster.  given that my eyeglasses had fogged up long before the booms of thunder, it wasn't likely that i could go any faster (even if my legs had it in them).  i finished, soggy and gratefully intact, in just under 54 minutes (53:58 or so).  the second loop was much slower than the first one (25:30).

even so, it was a fun time.  running in the rain and mud was fantastic (albeit not something i need - or want to do on a regular basis) ;D

here are the 10k race results from the vctc.

the rest of my photos are posted on facebook.

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Hiroshi said...

very nice and thanks for coming out!!