Saturday, September 28, 2013

john densmore "the doors: unhinged" book signing

yesterday i went to the john densmore book signing for his new book, "the doors: unhinged" at j&r.  i haven't been to an event at j&r in years - since  2008 when "asia" did an acoustic set there to promote their upcoming tour.  that was back when it was j &r music, in it's separate store.  today all the j & r departments have been consolidated in the one building on the corner.

getting back to densmore - he had a pretty good turnout for the book signing.  the book wasn't so much about the doors as it was the multi-year legal battle against his two surviving band mates for illegally using the doors name to promote their touring.  as a side note, almost 5 years ago to the date (September 25, 2008), i caught manzarek and krieger with "riders on the storm" at the fillmore (irving plaza).  it was a great show - with the "renamed" band a direct result of densmore's lawsuit that enjoined them from touring as "the doors" - or variations thereof.

i'm really looking forward to the reading densmore's book.  and not because of the doors aspect - his autobiography "riders on the storm" already covered those years.  but, as a lawyer, i'm looking forward to the legal battle that he and morrison's estate fought to keep manzarek and krieger from using the "doors" name to promote their shows.

stay tuned.  i'll post a review when I've read it (although it may be a while because there are a couple of book ahead of it) :D

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