Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 bronx 10 miler

this is a very belated posted.  ironically, i uploaded these photos that afternoon, but never had a chance to add text!  this was my second 10 miler in as many weeks.  the 1:21:52 was a bit faster than the westport 10 miler (1:22:12) - but barely.

the course had a lot in common with its predecessor, the bronx half.  in fact, the turnaround, by lehman college, was the start of the bronx half.  i had been thinking of it as a half marathon for most of the week, so when i reached the finish it was as if we'd gotten 3 miles lopped off the course as a gift :O

this was race number 8 on the road to 9 +1 for the 2013 nyc marathon.

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