Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 norwalk half marathon: race photos and results

the norwalk (sam elpern) half marathon is the last race of the norwalk summer series.  i've run this double loop course many times over the last decade.  sometimes it's hard to believe that i've run it under 1:30 back in the day!  this year i would have been more than pleased to run it in under 1:50 - but i had to settle for a 1:51:50, 8:33 pace.

the 13.1 miles was my longest run in almost 2 months.  it's been week after week of low mileage this summer, as i recover from my foot injury.  next weekend i'm going to push the mileage a little with the 30k.  despite the low mileage and spotty training, i'm still on target to run the nyc marathon - which is running priority #1 right now :D

here are the race results from hi-tek racing.

here are the rest of my photos, posted on facebook.

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