Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 muddy up 4 kids 5k mud run

the muddy up 4 kids 5k mud run held at camp simmons in greenwich on saturday lived up to its billing - even before crossing the mud pit just before the finish line!  in fact, there was so much water on the course, including a waist deep stream that we crossed twice, that it could easily have passed for a biathlon ;o

the event, to raise money for the boys & girls club of greenwich, was a fun run, not a competitive race.  it was in that spirit that runners queued up to get through the "lemon squeezer" rock formation, cross a waist deep stream twice, and run a quarter mile through the ankle deep water and muck of another stream before looping back to the finish.  but before the finish stood a drain pipe to crawl through and a mud pit to cross on your hands and knees - think army boot camp basic training.

there was a lot of mud - and a lot of fun!  afterwards, the fire department volunteers hosed everyone off.  it took me a solid 35+ minutes to finish the course (which included a 5 minute wait to get through the "lemon squeezer").  i would run this course again in a heartbeat :D

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