Monday, September 20, 2010

2000 miles logged for 2010... so far :D

yesterday's nyc marathon tune-up pushed my 2010 mileage above the 2000 mark (2011.1). i had hoped to reach 2000 miles by labor day so, in that respect, i've fallen a bit off the pace. i reached 1000 miles in early may, and it's taken just over 4 months for the second 1000 miles.

the stats for each thousand are very similar. more than 40% (415 miles) of the first thousand represented race miles over 21 races. the second thousand (1011.1, actually) also had over 40% race miles (412.2) spread over 26 races. the mix of race miles changed slightly, with just 4 ultras and 1 marathon (excluding the 70 miles from my vermont dnf) that totalled 278.2 miles. i had 6 ultras and 2 marathons that totalled 307 race miles during the first 1000 miles.

the balance of the race miles during the second 1000 reflected an increased number of shorter races. in fact, i ran 5 more races (excluding the vermont dnf), than i did during the first 1000 miles. the remaining (non-race) mileage consisted mainly of daily 4-6 mile training runs along with the longer (10-15 mile) weekend runs. i rarely ran longer than 8 miles on weekdays (but would occasionally run doubles).

the 3000 mile mark now seems unattainable with only 3 months and 10 days left to the year. with my monthly average at just over 200 miles, a more realistic goal is adding another 750 miles to the 2010 total. stay tuned :D

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Kovas Palubinskas said...

That's an amazing statistic! Good luck with the last 750 (or more).