Sunday, September 26, 2010

trail mix-up 6 hour run: race photos and results

we had some great running weather for the trail mix-up 6 hour run today - overcast most of the time and significantly cooler than the temps we've had the last few days. the tornado that swept across queens two weeks ago forced the race off the trails and on to the park roads. but aside from that little twist, it was a good day. i ran 36.8 miles (well over my conservative target of just logging 50k), which was good enough for 4th place overall.

race report to follow. here are the race results.

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Kino said...

Congrats on your 4th place finish Frank! Looks like you've fully recovered from Beast of Burden!

My Dashing Whippets teammate, Tommy Pyon, was the 2nd place finisher.

I have followed in yours and Tony's footsteps and started a running blog too:
If you have time, please give it a glance. Thanks and again, great job!