Friday, September 17, 2010

packet pick-up at nyrr for the ing nyc marathon tune-up

the nyrr marathon tune-up is a late addition to the race calendar. actually, it's really a substitution because i had planned to run the fall frolic 30k in stratford, ct, on sunday. i've run this 18 miler a few times - and it generally does not conflict with the fall frolic. typically, they fall on successive weekends and i can run both races. not this year.

i went up to the nyrr with anthony and eric - both of whom are running at least one loop of the park before the start of the tune-up (eric plans to run 2 pre-race loops of the park). it's not a marathon tune-up for them - rather a long training run for a hundred miler late next month.

in a surprise, when as i was about to head upstairs and register, i ran into my good friend steve, who had already picked up his bib and was getting a race shirt. he's running the nyc marathon for the second time (separated by a gap of about 20 years!). and, if one surprise wasn't enough, i finally got to meet janet (a regular on the rw online forums and a fb friend)!

as for the tune-up, looking forward to the 3 loops of the park - the 7 am start, not so much :D

if you're at this one, say hello!

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Chicken Underwear said...

I ran (from Park Slope) to the NYRR's office to pick up my number. What a pleasant surprise to find out they no longer have any plastic bags to put your shirt in.

Just the one day I coulda used one. I'll live, and so will the rest of the planet.