Thursday, September 16, 2010

a memorable training run in the rain :O

the forecast had been for rain to arrive in the late afternoon, early evening. still, i thought i could get in an easy 6 miles (despite the dark skies) before heading over to the high school to pick katie up when the bus brought her team back from a field hockey game. the plan worked for the first 4 miles that i ran on the post road.

normally i'd knock off the entire 6 on the post road, but since a light drizzle had started up, i decided to head for home. as luck had it, by the time i reached my house, the drizzle had stopped and i decided to tack on the remaining two miles (via a one mile out and back that ran into eastchester). that went well for the first mile.

when i reached the turnaround, the drizzle had returned with its big brother - actual rain. i didn't mind it - especially since i'd be done in 8-9 minutes. famous last words because after almost a half mile the heavens opened with a vengeance! again, i didn't mind the buckets of rain and sloshing through rivers of waters that appeared to rise almost instantaneously. what scared me to death were the repeated loud cracks of thunder - easily audible, even with my ipod playing (in shuffle mode).

no less than a half a dozen flashes of lightning lit up the darken sky. as i was cursing myself for tempting fate, gene simmon's bass line singled kiss' "god of thunder" which suddenly came on my ipod. spooky to say the least (did this little machine have a mind of its own?)!! i made it home safe and sound - drenched to bone - no worse for the wear.

getting to the high school was pretty gnarly business because all the rain caused flooding at more than a half dozen intersections. the girl's field hockey game (in irvington) was called off at half time - and they arrived back drenched as well (albeit winning the rain curtailed game made that a trivial detail).

all in all, i'm going to remember this training run not because of the weather - but because of the ipod and it's mysterious song selection :O

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Kovas Palubinskas said...

Too cool a tailored soundtrack for the run. Glad you skirted the lightning.