Tuesday, September 28, 2010

banned books week :O

we're in the middle of "banned books week" - september 25 through october 2, 2010! for such an important event, it's received little if any publicity. i only learned of it this morning.

freedom of speech is a fundamental cornerstone of our liberties. it's truly amazing to scan the list of books (including that trusty classic, the bible) that have been banned over the centuries. and the threat to our freedom to read is ever present - just glance at the "modern" books that have been banned recently ("the lord of the rings" and "harry potter")!

if that isn't frightening enough, just one step below the banning of books is the particular noxious tactic of actually burning them (to physically insure that they can't be read)! while that extreme may seem medieval (or harken back to nazi germany) it reared its ugly face mere weeks ago in the florida of 2010! it leaves me speechless!

don't take what you're reading for granted!

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