Saturday, September 18, 2010

jimi hendrix died in london of a drug overdose, 40 years ago today

40 years ago today, on september 18, 1970, jimi hendrix was found dead in the london apartment of his girlfriend - he was only 27 years old. the cause of death was asphyxia (he choked on his own vomit) from an overdose of sleeping pills. it was a tragic end to the life of one of rock's greatest guitarists.

earlier this year a new album of previously unreleased hendrix studio material, "valleys of neptune," was released (together with remastered editions of his classic albums - which included bonus materials). that album was an excuse for me to reintroduce hendrix to my ipod. except for fm airplay, i hadn't listened to much hendrix since my high school days.

in honor of his memory, listen to some jimi hendrix tunes today.

r.i.p. jimi hendrix

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