Monday, September 6, 2010

18 years ago today, hunters discovered body of chris mccandless in the alaskan wilderness

on september 6, 1992, moose hunters discovered the body of chris mccandless (a/k/a alexander supertramp) in the alaskan wilderness. the mccandless story was etched into the american psyche by jon krakauer in his 1996 book, "into the wild" - and the 2007 sean penn docudrama of the same name. another take on the mccandless story the ron lamonthe film, "call of the wild," was sort of a documentary of the documentary - and well worth tracking down to watch.

this post is a bit spooky for me - if not outright eerie. last night, unaware of today's anniversary, i watched "into the wild" - the dvd of which had sat on my coffee table for at least a week (as i worked my way through a couple of other netflix dvds). imagine my surprise when i discovered the coincidence this morning! and i don't normally give any weight, much less any significance, to these type of "occurrences" :D

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