Thursday, September 2, 2010

exercise induced asthma :(

this was a good news/bad news sort of day. katie went into her doctor's appointment for a final okay that the stress fracture had healed up and she was cleared to resume normal activities. the stress fracture from earlier this summer had healed - the good news.

but she was also tested for exercise induced asthma - suspected when she had some shortness of breath at the end of a race, and again at a field hockey tournament. the stress fracture pushed back the test because she wasn't able to run. well, this test came back positive for mild exercise induced asthma!

not a serious thing, easily dealt with via an inhaler. but it was a unexpected surprise. she tried out the inhaler this afternoon at the girls first field hockey scrimmage in rye. no adverse effects, and she seemed no worse for the wear. stay tuned...

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Sim said...

Take heart in the fact that Paula Radcliffe has exercise induced asthma, so please don't let it get her or you down!