Wednesday, September 1, 2010

september 2010 race schedule

except for the "trail-mix" 6 hour run in queens a the end of the month, september is filled with old favorites. while i only list 4 races, there are a couple of shorter distance events that might get added as the month progresses. basically, it's time to cut back on the racing and refocus my attention on training mileage. that also means a return to the track for speed work.

as i mentioned last month, i'm going to start training for marathons again. that means a transition back to shorter events - and a lot more speed work in the process. the marathon game plan was set back about a month because of the vermont - beast of burden business. but with my recovery from the summer 100 moving along (albeit slower than i would have liked), i'm getting ready to revisit intervals :D

the month kicks off with the westport 10 miler, which concludes its summer series. the following weekend brings an end to the norwalk summer series with the half marathon. then, for the 3rd consecutive connecticut weekend, the fall frolic 30k. the month ends with a return to new york (via queens) for the trail-mix 6 hour run.

the new b.u.s. event, which will be scored for the grand prix series, replaces the cancelled staten island 6 hour run which had been scheduled for the prior weekend. this date, unfortunately, conflicts with the vermont 50k/50m also set for that day. interestingly, but coincidentally, the race mileage progresses upward throughout the month: 10, 13.1, 18.6 and 6 hours of running.

here is how the schedule looks so far:

9/4 - westport summer series 10 miler

9/11 - norwalk half marathon

9/19 - fall frolic 30k

9/26 - "trail-mix" 6-hour run

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