Tuesday, August 31, 2010

bxl cafe redux

it's been six months since i was last at the bxl cafe on 43rd street. (a fantastic belgium beer bar, with a sister location on 51st street). anthony spends a lot of time there since it's across the street from his office. for me it's more of trip, coming from city hall. this time around, in addition to the mussels and fries ("moules frites") for lunch, we sampled "sour" beers.

it was anthony's first time with "sours" and he seemed to enjoy the novelity (if not the taste) of some of them. we kicked off with a petrus aged pale - an incredibly refreshing choice for the very hot afternoon (no a/c - just open front windows). that was followed by a pair of rodenbach flemish reds (the highlight of which was a 2007 vintage oak aged ale). and, finally, a st. louis gueuze fond tradition.

we actually ended with a pair of traditional belgians: a dulles teve ("mad bitch") tripel - which was way too alcoholic for me, and an orval trappist ale - excellent stuff!

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Laura said...

One of my favorite bars in the city! I'll have to give the sours a try next time I go.