Friday, August 13, 2010

"trail mix" 6-hour run, forest park, queens

hot off the press, details of a brand new ultra in queens, new york. in today's mail was a race application for the "trail mix" 6-hour run in forest park, queens. this event has just been put together by richie, our fearless b.u.s. leader-in-chief, to replace the traditional staten island 6 hour run (which has been cancelled for 2010). the date is set for sunday, september, 26 (and, unfortunately, conflicts with the vermont 50s, also set for the same day).

this is not your traditional 6-hour run. here is the description, in richie's words:

The objective of the event is to navigate the time period on the following three types of terrain:

1. Two hours on a 1.9-mile bridal path loop or carriage road type surface.
2. Two and half hours on a 2.35-mile trail loop.
3. One and half hours on a 1.3-mile road/footpath loop. ...

The trail loop is hilly and the other two loops would still be considered rolling and challenging. The event will be conducted like an ultra triathlon and may be presented with an informal flavor.

we've had ultras at forest park in years past. the most recent one, if i remember correctly, was the queens 60k. but the location also hosted the kurt steiner 50k/metropolitan 50 miler. since the "trail mix" 6-hour run replaces the staten island 6-hour run, the race (informal or not) will be counted in scoring for the ny grand prix series.

i'm in!

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