Monday, August 2, 2010

catching up with david at wo hop

this afternoon i walked over to chinatown and met up with my old friend david at wo hop. lunch there was a trip down memory lane - put in motion a few weeks ago when the ny times had a brief write up of wo hop! i emailed the story to david with a "remember this place" tag line. in the late 1970's we'd drive into the city late at night to eat there! not only did he "remember" it, but david had actually gone there two weeks earlier!

it's been almost 30 years since i ate at wo hop (either upstairs or down) - going back to my college days! in high school we always ate at the downstairs locale (but later it didn't really matter which one it was). as if to reprise old habits, david kicked off with a bowl of roast pork congee (something i've never seen listed, much less eaten, at any other chinese restaurant i've ever been at).

the place hasn't changed a bit - even down to the jockeying to secure a table. some of the staff looked as if they'd been waiting tables there since the 70's. as we headed out, the line stretched up the stairs and spilled onto the street. not sure if that's because of the food (good, but not spectacular) or the ambiance ;p


Anonymous said...

I love Wo Hop. If for some reason I'm coming home from Long Island or Brooklyn at 1am, that's where I go for a midnight snack - not because I'm hungry, but because of the tradition. That's just what I do.

Chicken Underwear said...