Monday, August 30, 2010

20 weekend recovery miles

my weekend kicked off on a low note because i decided to skip the westport 9.3 miler on saturday. that decision was a direct result of the slow recovery my feet were having during the week - argh. in fact, saturday would be my first running day since beast of burden. going 5 straight days without running was uncharted territory for me!


as it turned out, my first run on saturday morning was just 4 miles. while i could run, i couldn't push off my left foot without some lingering pain. still, i managed a 31:45, 7:56 pace for the run. skipping westport, while i wasn't happy about it, was definitely the right choice.

that afternoon i went back out for another 4 miles. i didn't push the pace, just wanted to get a bit more time on my feet (so to speak). the 33:35, 8:23 pace felt labored - and i thought i may have pushed it to far.


while i briefly entertained the idea of driving down to van cortlandt park for the 11:30 start of the henry isola xc classic, sanity prevailed. once again i was still uncomfortable pushing off my left foot. i upped the mileage to 6, and covered it in 45:58, a 7:13 pace. that would be my best run of the weekend.

again, that afternoon, i went back out for a second run. i did another 6 miles, this time in 48:15, an 8:02 pace. this time around the left foot decided to get with the program. i was back to my normal stride mechanics - albeit slower. i was pleased to have gotten in the second run and the additional mileage - which upped my weekly total to 20 miles!

on deck:

this week will be another recovery week, slowly building back some base mileage. i plan to run the westport 10 miler on saturday (one of my favorite races). not sure whether i'll be able to squeeze in any speed work - but i will try to get to the final waveny summer xc series race tomorrow night (whether i run it is an open question) :D

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