Sunday, August 1, 2010

august 2010 race schedule

the biggest surprise, for what would have been a relatively low-key august racing schedule, is the addition of the beast of burden 100 miler in lockport, new york. had i not dropped at 70 miles during the vermont 100 last month, it's unlikely i would have registered for this one. but the combination of grief from my friends for dropping and not wanting to waste the training from the vermont cycle made this the perfect redemption race - so to speak.

on the downside, adding it has pushed back my efforts to refocus race attention on the marathon distance. instead of a return to speed work in august, following vermont, the more likely time table will be september. in the overall scheme of things, a month isn't that long. but, on the very positive side, emmy will pace me during the second half of the race! given that we ran so much of vermont together, it will seem like picking up where we left off (on a decidedly easier course)!

for the rest of august, the races are all significantly shorter. next weekend is the nyrr 5 mile club team championships. the next day is a great 5k race over the brooklyn bridge. the sgt. keith a. ferguson 5k starts and finishs at city hall park (directly across the street from my office, in fact). it'll be the first time i've run a race on the brooklyn bridge!

the remaining races include the norwalk summer series 11 miler (the day before the bronx half - which i'm inclined not to run) and the westport summer series 15k on the last weekend of the month. in between is the waveny xc summer series 3-person relay. i may squeeze in a couple more summer series race but, for the most part, hope to focus more on training miles instead of races this month.

heres how it looks right now:

8/7 - nyrr club team championships, 5m
8/8 - sgt. keith ferguson 5k
8/14 - norwalk summer series 11m
8/17 - waveny summer xc series, 3-person relay
8/21 - beast of burden, 100m
8/28 - westport summer series, 15k

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