Friday, August 27, 2010

post-race recovery blues :(

sitting by idly, not running, is never fun. it's been 5 straight non-running days for me - some kind of perverse record (although i've gone 3 straight days w/out running plenty of times). this short break is a direct result of waiting for the blister damage from last weekend's run to heal. i had hoped to be back on my feet (excuse the pun) by thursday, but my left foot has stubbornly taken it's time to recover from what eventually turned into a 3 inch gash where the blister had been.

the trip into the office of monday and, later that day, proctoring the final exam for my students, was a set-back. walking was a very difficult thing that day, along with tuesday and wednesday, for that matter. but things returned to almost normal yesterday, with the exception of being able to put too much pressure (i.e. push off) on my foot. so i decided to wait out another day to give the skin more time heal.

unfortunately, no westport 9.3 miler for me tomorrow :( instead, i'll go out for an easy 4 miler in the morning to see how the feet handle that strange experience called running (or, in my case, shuffling) ;p

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CTmarathoner said...

you need the rest!! How many runners can do 100 miles:)?? Be proud of yourself and you will heal quickly next week and will be at it for the fall season!!