Saturday, August 7, 2010

2010 nyrr team championships: race photos and results

it seemed like a small turnout for the club team championship races this morning - just under 800 men and just over 500 women finished their respective races. the corrals were pretty sparse. when the ropes were removed and the field moved up, the runners through at least the 4,000 corral all fit comfortably into the first!

i missed my 35:00 minute target by a wide margin. my 35:39 finish was something of a disappointment because i couldn't maintain a 7 minute pace beyond the third mile. my split at 3 miles was exactly 21 minutes, but mile 4 and cat hill took a toll and took 7:30! but i bounced back with a 7:09 last mile.

but the disappointment didn't last long. the taconic road runners had beer and sandwiches after the races. not quite the breakfast of champions - but still awesome :D

here are the result: men's race and women's race.

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