Thursday, August 5, 2010

death of a friend and colleague :(

for a trust and estates lawyer (and erstwhile professor) who deals with death and dying on a regular basis, it got very up close and personal yesterday when i learned that my good friend and colleague died early that morning. i had gone to visit him at the hospice last week and, despite the grim prognosis, he was in good spirits. the brain cancer was terminal, but i had no idea it would take him this quickly.

in fact, it all happened too quickly - from the diagnosis on st. patricks day to the tragic conclusion yesterday. he was only 55 years old. we met on opposite sides of a real estate transaction in the late 1990's and in the years that followed, became good friends. we shared mutual clients and interests. it's hard to believe he's no longer a phone call away to help with a real estate issue - or that i won't get a call from him with a probate question.

he had many interests outside his legal practice - and blogging was one of them. he not only had a successful blog, but he also lectured and consulted on blogging and internet connected media. beyond cyberspace, he was also into crafting (and sold his stuff at shows), gardening (especially landscaping), poetry (not many people i know can successful talk about ovid and dante during a closing), and he was especially keen on digging up bushels of clams during the summer.

we're really going to miss you :(


why Egypt ? said...

this is the life

Chicken Underwear said...

I also lost a friend to brain cancer.

I remember how fine he looked till he was gone. Sudden and Terrible. Sorry.

DebbieJRT said...

so sorry for the loss of your friend. he sounds like a special person.

Tarun said...

this is life dear and no body can control over it

t'Yorkshireman said...

Being a fellow runner and 55 in a few weeks time, makes you think that life's too short