Sunday, August 29, 2010

the beatles last concert held at candlestick park, 44 years ago today!

with paul mccartney still going strong with concerts, albums, and appearances, it's hard to believe that the beatles last concert, before a paid audience, took place 44 years ago today on august 29, 1966 - at san francisco's candlestick park. the concert wasn't the beatles' last live performance, however. in 1969, three years and one day after candlestick park, as part of the sessions that ultimately produced the "let it be" album, the beatles performed on the roof of apple studios!

as for the candlestick park concert, it was very short - just 11 numbers. here is the set list:

1. Rock And Roll Music
2. She's A Woman
3. If I Needed Someone
4. Day Tripper
5. Baby's In Black
6. I Feel Fine
7. Yesterday
8. I Wanna Be Your Man
9. Nowhere Man
10. Paperback Writer
11. Long Tall Sally

the concert ended an intense 4 year period where the beatles performed more than 1,400 shows in venues of various sizes. it also capped a tour in which the beatles were attacked by angry mobs in the philippines (for refusing to meet with the marcos) and angry fans in the united states (over john's "we're more popular that jesus" remarks).

freed from touring... the beatles went into the studio and followed up with some of the greatest albums of all time!!

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Matt Groneman said...

1400 concerts over four years is 350 shows a year! Does this count days when they played multiple shows?