Thursday, July 16, 2009

paul mccartney on david letterman show at the ed sullivan theatre!

last night paul mccartney returned to the ed sullivan theatre to appear on the david letterman show. while it wasn't his first time back since the beatles' iconic appearance on the ed sullivan show in 1964 (he had been back there once before for an mtv related appearance), it lost none that homecoming like quality.

after a top ten list "what's bruce willis doing this summer" - read by willis himself - paul sat down next to david and they briefly went down memory lane (the beatles very early days). while this was interesting - instead of two segments on the "couch" - the second one would have been better spent playing more music!

in a scene remarkably reminiscent of the beatles' last public performance on the apple studios roof - mccartney performed on the theatre's marquee! but, sadly, he only did 2 songs: "get back" (which the beatles did, in fact, perform on that rooftop oh so many years ago) and a new song, "sing the changes" (off his new "fireman" series album, "electric arguments"). he left us wanting more...

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