Thursday, July 30, 2009

august 2009 race schedule

i just put together my tentative race schedule for august, the highlight of which is the nyc half marathon. and the month kicks off with the last wlf group training run leading up to the nyc half marathon.

this weekend, assuming i can summon up the courage to swim a half mile, will do the trrc biathlon! the biathlon is the only "new" event on the schedule. but the schedule is still tentative because we haven't confirmed or finalized a team for a return trip to the catskill mountain relay the following week.

in addition to the nyc half, anther nyrr event on the august schedule is the team championship race. august also includes the final norwalk summer series race, the 11 miler. the separate, but scored, norwalk half marathon, concludes the series next month. i've pencilled in a pair of westport summer series races at the end of the month (but may only run one of them).

finally, in a midweek change of pace... will head back to rockland lake to do the self-transcendence marathon - on a tuesday!

8/1 - wlf running team group run #3
8/2 - trrc biathlon
8/8 - nyrr team championships, 5m
8/9 - 100k catskill mountain road relay
8/15 - norwalk summer series 11 miler
8/16 - nyc half marathon
8/22 - westport summer series 8.4 miler
8/25 - self-transcendence marathon
8/29 - westport summer series 9.3 miler

if you're at any of these events, be sure to say hi!

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Steve Hamill said...

Oh great running guru, I need a 10K in September or October. or therabouts distance. Any recommendations?

Steve Hamill