Wednesday, July 1, 2009

july 2009 race schedule

i just put together my running plan for july and, except for the wlf group run #2 (in conjunction with nyrr long training run #1), all the races are old friends - in one way or another.

the highlight of the month will be a return to the escarpment trail run on the heels of the vermont 100 miler. that combination should be interesting!

the month kicks off with the putnam county classic, a race emmy and her co-race director, lee, have been working on for months. it's going to be a great time - try not to miss it!

that week is also includes my favorite father-daughter race, the 2-person relay at the waveny park summer xc series! 2009 will be the third year that katie and i team up for this xc relay (each person runs a mile, trades off with the her partner, until each has run 3 mile).

the month also includes the second wlf running team group run in central park. we up the mileage to 6, and will do an entire loop of the part (in conjunction with all the runners participating in the nyrr long training run #1). if you want to run (or are running) the nyc half marathon next month - consider running it on behalf of the world lung foundation!!

finally, july includes the 3rd and 4th races in the norwalk summer series. these too are great events - and if you're within shouting distance of norwalk, don't miss them!

7/4 - putnam county classic, 8m
7/7 - waveny park summer xc series, 2-person relay
7/11 - norwalk summer series 7 miler
7/12 - wlf group training run #2
7/18 - vermont 100 mile endurance run
7/25 - norwalk summer series 9 miler
7/26 - escarpment trail run, 30k

update: as a result of nasty weather forecast, the waveny 2-person relay was rescheduled for 7/9. katie couldn't partner with me on the new date. instead, emmy did - and we won our age group!


runner-grrl said...

Wow, that's a heavy schedule! You'll probably laugh at this, but twice when I read "wlf" it was coming across as "wtf" and I was thinking, now THAT must be an interesting race, heh-heh. I was imagining a trail run with a map, a garmin, little direction, no support and rough terrain. You running the 100 miler solo? --Alex

Running CT said...

Escarpment? Ah!
That's hardcore I heard :)

Ryan said...

Have a great run this weekend and best wishes at VT100 this year.

bill carter said...

Looks like some really challenging stuff.

One of these years I will try a 50 miler, but 100 miles just looks a whole bunch out of my league.

Have a great 4th!

rundangerously said...

alex, i'll have a pacer for the last 30 miles or so.

luis, the uphills are okay. the downhills are brutal!

thanks ryan!

thanks bill! 100 milers just take longer than 50s :D