Wednesday, July 22, 2009

john dillinger, public enemy number one, gunned down by fbi 75 years ago today

on july 22, 1934, john dillinger - then public enemy number one on the fbi's "wanted" list - was gunned down outside the biograph theatre in chicago when he attempted to resist arrest. dillinger was a ruthless, cold-blooded killer who robbed banks. his illegal exploits were romanticized - along with similar depression era criminals - then and now (most recently in the just released movie, "public enemies," which stars johnny depp as dillinger).

here is the new york times coverage of his death in 1934. the fbi were tipped off that dillinger would be at the movies that night ("manhattan melodrama") and waited for him outside the theatre. a "lady in red" - their informant - identified him as they exited the theatre. when the fbi attempted to arrest him, dillinger reached for his gun and was shot to death. two bystanders were accidentally shot.

so ended the life an infamous killer.

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